Amber Tamang
Your guide Amber Tamang is from a small village in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal — a small hamlet not on most maps! Amber became a porter in 1992, to put himself though high school and college. He is an advocate of better working conditions for trekking staff. For his undergraduate law degree, his thesis was on legal protection for workers in tourism. Also he achieved a Masters Degree in Himalayan Culture, Religion and Philosophy.
An independent researcher in the culture and religion of the Himalayas, Amber has published several articles in Nepali and English — including one for Mandala magazine. He is currently researching Buddhist Mani Walls — low stone walls inscribed with Buddhist prayers and imagery.
Amber became a guide with Himalayan High Treks in 1995 and has introduced many travelers to the wonders of Nepal, Tibet and India. He now is a group leader and guide as well as our Regional Manager for Nepal. He has long supported our Dharma Journey pilgrimages and has traveled extensively though Nepal, Tibet and India including Ladakh. Those who have traveled with him always praise his patience and kindness. His English is articulate as he enthusiastically describes the local customs of the Himalaya and its people. Amber and his family live in Kathmandu.
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